‘I’m pleased to recommend Nicky Lovick, an ex-colleague and subsequently friend of over fifteen years, whose freelance editorial services I routinely request in my capacity as an in-house acquiring editor. In the time I have known her, Nicky has consistently proved her expertise and sensitivity as an editor and as someone upon whom I know I can rely and in whose ever-capable hands I know I can entrust my authors’ work. From the toughest of jobs to those requiring the lightest of touches, ranging from structural and line-editing to copy-editing to proofreading, Nicky never fails to provide an astute editorial eye for the task in hand, always delivering to the highest standard, often to tight deadlines and limited budgets. I highly recommend Nicky as an editor.’ — KB

‘I have used Nicky Lovick’s editorial services for many years now and could not recommend her more highly. Nicky is everything you might want in an editor – diligent and attentive, with a wonderful eye for detail. She is always sensitive to the needs of writers and works collaboratively to deliver the best possible end result. She has handled some big projects for me over the years and has always delivered an excellent, timely service. Nicky is a great publishing professional and a gifted editor. She’s also a lovely person.’ — SOK

‘Nicky is smart, intuitive, and has great attention to detail. She can really take your writing to another level and make your novel the best it can be. Not only did she finesse my copy, she added suggestions to raise the stakes. She’s very motivational too, providing positive, insightful feedback that will make you a better writer.’ — Ian Bates

‘Nicky and I have had a great working relationship for years. She originally began as a copy/line-editor for me, but it wasn’t long before she was doing my developmental edits as well. Overall, that’s seven novels, one self- help book and two novellas. She has helped with query letters, publisher pitches and is quick, efficient and really gets my writing, which in the indie world of crossing genres, is essential. My writing has grown immeasurably over the years and that is mainly due to working with Nicky. If anyone tells you not to bother with an editor, with all the new software out there, they’re wrong. Writers are on a journey of growth. All of them. And we all need someone to tell us when to rein it in, expand, when something isn’t working and when we have it right. Nicky does all those things. Sometimes you need that little shove. Thanks to Nicky, I’m still publishing. Here’s to many more years to come!’ — Tracy Edmunds

‘As a relatively new writer I found Nicky’s transparent approach to the editing process a massive relief. We discussed my end goal and together decided on the best way forward. Nicky’s copyediting was precise and her honest enthusiasm for my project was an unexpected bonus.’ — Paul Mackereth

‘I love working with Nicky. Her combination of sensitivity to character behaviour and storyline and meticulous approach to copyediting really sets her apart.’ — Andy Maslen

‘Nicky did a developmental edit of my literary women’s fiction manuscript, which I had imagined was the best work I could produce. I was wrong. Her insightful suggestions, particularly on pacing and character arc, revealed how it could be improved and she was a delight to work with. I would recommend her to any author, and I shall definitely commission her again on future works.’ — Simon Michael

‘Having only ever written a self-help book and numerous blogs, my first attempt at fiction was, to say the least, daunting and a challenge. My publisher at Penguin recommended Nicky and I am so pleased that she did. Nicky was there every step of the way. At first I was thrown by her very numerous changes, constructive criticism and massive cuts, but soon began to realise that she was right, although painful to my ego. Four drafts later, and lessons on how to write dialogue, finally it’s finished, and is what I think is a really good book. Nicky helped me to become a better writer, and her inspiration and guidance through the entire process was incredible and inspiring.’ — Susie Rogers-Smith

‘Over the pandemic I wrote a monstrous 200k+ word piece of fanfiction that I was determined to adapt into an original novel. I contacted a number of freelance editors who quite understandably turned the project down. Nicky Lovick was the brave soul who said yes, and I am so glad and grateful that she did!

I’m a novice writer who just finished writing my first book and I can confidently say that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Nicky has a wonderful knack for knowing when to hold your hand and when to push. I am so proud of the book that came out of our partnership, and I look forward to working with her again on future projects.

 For anyone considering Nicky as their editor: fear not, you’re in excellent hands. Just know that she isn’t always the best about sticking to the deadlines she sets for herself, so you’ll need to be patient. But that’s totally fair because she will be so patient and flexible with you when it comes to any issues from writer’s block to needing an extension on the payment schedule. And most importantly, she’s fantastic at what she does and will really make your writing shine.’ — Amanda Zamara

‘Working with Nicky has been a most rewarding experience! I felt she really put time and effort into making my writing the best that it can be. Would recommend any day!’ — Victoria Jonsson

‘Nicky has been an invaluable guide – helping me to transform my manuscript from a novice story into a remarkable novel. Her expert reading and considerate editing reflects a rare gift.’ — Emile Egbert

‘I came to Nicky with three novella-length stories. We decided to focus on one story, which has now been transformed into a full-length novel. She has helped me in fleshing out characters and storylines, but more than anything much-needed editorial and writing techniques to bring my stories to life. As writers, as in life, we are always learning (or we should be!) but I know I am now better equipped to do the best work I can do. Working with Nicky has always felt like a collaboration of equal parts and she has encouraged me every step of the way. Nicky has helped me enormously in moving forward significantly as a writer. I would recommend her to anyone for her patient and insightful approach.’ — N.J. House