My passion is story – how to help you make your story the very best it can be. I pride myself on a friendly (but always honest!) approach and hope you’ll enjoy the editing process. If you’re fairly new to writing, I can help you hone your story-telling skills – you’ll find yourself a better writer for it. If you’re an experienced writer, you’ll know the value of another pair of eyes on a manuscript.

I offer a variety of editorial services, so, no matter what stage your manuscript is at, I can help.

Editorial Assessment

If you’ve just finished your novel (well done!), an editorial assessment will advise you on key areas of improvement – for instance structure, characterisation and pace. And, importantly, how to improve them. This is a cost-effective first step to help you gauge how much editorial work is required.

Developmental Edit

This is a ‘big picture’ look at the plot, structure, premise, characterisation, narrative pace, dialogue, sense of place, beginnings and endings. Essentially, what works and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t work, I’ll advise you how to fix it.


A copy-edit/line-edit will pick up typos, bad grammar and punctuation and iron out inconsistencies. I’ll also be reading each sentence for flow to ensure maximum reader enjoyment.


That final professional polish – whether you’re going to self-publish or submit via the traditional publishing route. Whether you hope this to be the first of many novels or the only one you ever intend to write, it’s important you write the very best novel you can, then rewrite, edit and proofread it. Whether submitting to agents or editors or going it alone, you want it to be the very best it can be. Both for your own personal satisfaction and also to maximise your chance of getting published. And Amazon reviews last a very long time.

Pricing in line with industry standard. Please see: